NTU-NXP Smart Mobility Testbed

  • Real-time vehicle position & speed data collection with RSU(Road-Side Unit) & OBU (onboard unit) within NTU Campus.

  • Remote Traffic Light Control via MQTT server.

Vehicle tracking by using V2X system

  • By making use of NTU’s smart mobility testbed (V2X system), we can collect the real time vehicle data for cars/buses (equipped with OBU) running inside NTU campus.

  • We are dealing with Urban Traffic Signal Scheduling problem, by making use of the vehicle data, we can estimate/calculate the traffic condition (turning ratio, average speed etc.) for each link.

  • The video below demonstrated our vehicle tracking system, check the road/link number changes in the table (upper right corner) when vehicle changes road. Unique ID has been assigned for each road & link within NTU campus.


Jurong Area Traffic System Simulation Platform Development in VISSIM

“Green Wave” Generation

Urban Traffic Network Closed-Loop Simulation


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