Urban Traffic Signal Scheduling


Distributed Adaptive Urban Traffic Signal Control based on V2X Information Infrastructure

Research Project in NTU-NXP Corp Lab

Principal Investigator: Prof Rong Su



  • [Aug 2017] We present our two papers (“Traffic Light Scheduling for Pedestrians and Vehicles”, “Modelling and traffic signal control of a heterogeneous traffic network with signalized and non-signalized intersections”) at the 1st IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications in Hawaii.

  • [Aug 2017] We present our work during the NTU-NXP Workshop. The posters can be found here and some photos can be found here.

  • [Jul 2017] Our paper “A macroscopic propagation model for bidirectional pedestrian flows on signalized crosswalks” has been accepted by 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.

  • [Jun 2017] Prof Christos Cassandras from Boston University visits our group.

  • [Jun 2017] Technical Committee Activities for Smart Cities by Prof Rong Su will appear in IEEE Control Systems Magazine in Jun 2017.

  • [Jun 2017] Prof Bengt Lennartson from Chalmers University of Technology visits our group.

  • [Jun 2017] We present our paper titled “Improved artificial bee colony algorithm for solving urban traffic light scheduling problem” at IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation in Donostia/San Sebastian.

  • [May 2017] Prof Jan van Schuppen from TU Delft visits our group.

  • [May 2017] Our paper “Jaya, harmony search and water cycle algorithms for solving large-scale real-life urban traffic light scheduling problem” has been accepted by Swarm and Evolutionary Computation.

  • [May 2017] Our two papers on traffic system modelling and traffic signal scheduling with pedestrain has been accepted by IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications.

  • [Jan 2017] Prof Rong Su has organized a winter school on intelligent transportation in NTU.