Simulation using PTV Vissim


  • Our group members has developed a traffic light scheduler algorithm aiming to reduce the traffic congestion in Singapore, a reliable simulated traffic network helps to examine the efficiency of the scheduler algorithm before on-site testing.

  • In this project, a group of FYP students worked with me to develop the Jurong Area Simulation Network (use PTV Vissim) with more than 200 signalized & non-signalized intersections that covers both urban areas and industrial areas.


Simulation using PTV Vissim

  • To make the simulation network as realistic as possible, we made the following efforts:

    • The road/traffic lights/stop signs layout matches real layout by using google street view.

    • Set speed limit for each road according to data from LTA website.

  • Features involved in our simulation:

    • Upstream Flow

    • Downstream Flow

    • Link Volume

    • Turning Ratio …


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